MeLuna menstrual cups are made of safe TPE plastic, which is used to make products such as baby bottle nipples.

MeLuna SHORTY menstrual cups are slightly smaller in height and in volume as the models MeLuna SOFT and MeLuna CLASSIC.

The material of MeLuna SHORTY is the same as in MeLuna CLASSIC.

With every menstrual cup, you get 2 cup wipes for free!

MEASUREMENTS (without the stem):

The measurements for the models MeLuna SOFT and MeLuna CLASSIC are given in parentheses.

Size S: Diameter 38 mm, height 35 (45) mm, volume 15 (23) ml

Size M: Diameter 41 mm, height 38 (48) mm, volume 18 (28) ml

Size L: Diameter 44 mm, height 41 (51) mm, volume 22 (34) ml

Contains a storage bag made of microfiber, as well as instructions in English.

  • Price 13,63 €

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