DivaCup 1 – suitable for women under 30 years old, who haven’t given birth vaginally

DivaCup 2 – suitable for women over 30 years old and those, who have given birth vaginally

With every menstrual cup, you get 2 Milton Mini Sanitizing Tablets and 1 cup wipe for free!

Product belongs in following bundles:

  • Price 22,50 €


DivaCup 1: diameter 41 mm, height 57 mm, length of stem 9,5 mm, volume 20 ml
DivaCup 2: diameter 45 mm, height 57 mm, length of stem 9,5 mm, volume 25 ml

Contains a storage bag made of cotton, as well as a Diva pin.

Facts about DivaCup™:

  • Made from durable, healthcare-grade silicone. It is BPA-free, latex-free and doesn’t contain nitrosamines.
  • Grip rings on the outside of the lower part of the cup for easier removal
  • Markings (ml) on the inside of the cup, for easy controlling of your flow
  • The cup can be sterilized by boiling it in a large amount of water for 20 min – a hygienic and healthy choice
  • Not tested on animals
  • Made in Canada.

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