MeLuna M

MeLuna menstrual cups are made of safe TPE plastic, which is used to make products such as baby bottle nipples.

With every menstrual cup, you get 2 cup wipes for free!

  • Price 13,63 €

The material of MeLuna SOFT menstrual cups is approximately 25% softer than that of MeLuna CLASSIC.

MEASUREMENTS (without the stem):

Size S (Soft/Classic): Diameter: 38 mm, height 45 mm, volume: 23 ml

Size M (Soft/Classic): Diameter: 41 mm, height 48 mm, volume: 28 ml

Size L (Soft/Classic): Diameter: 44 mm, height 51 mm, volume: 34 ml

Size XL (Classic): Diameter: 47 mm, height 56 mm, volume: 42 ml

Contains a storage bag made of microfiber, as well as instructions in English.

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