About LeaStore

“Surely others would like to hear more about menstrual cups!”

This was the moment, on a certain day in 2006, when we decided to provide ecological hygiene products for women in Finland and elsewhere in the world. As a result, LeaStore was established, along with its resourceful background character, Lea.

We respect you, our customer, and we want to be worthy of your trust. Our trump cards are in our personalized service and the prompt delivery of our online store products. You could almost presume that the actual shipping starts even before the order has been made – why don’t you give it a try. ;)

For us, we consider sustainable development and environmental friendliness to be values of great importance. We follow these principles when thinking about new products for our range.

We supply the most diverse range of menstrual cups in Finland! We want to offer you a wide range of women’s intimate products – both in terms of hygiene or natural sexuality. In addition, we also provide products that benefit one’s comprehensive physical well-being.

Our daughter Henna – behind LeaStore, with a big heart.

Henna initially went to run LeaStore, but at the present time she is more focused on motherhood (naturally also in favour of ecological childcare choices). LeaStore will continue to operate on the path of ecological principles, as a family business. Henna’s parents, Vuokko and Jarmo, have jumped into the hot seats.

The participation of Henna’s father, Jarmo, in the operations of LeaStore’s “ladies’ world” may seem to be a little odd to some, but we can reveal that he has, however, enjoyed a reasonably long career in ecological, domestic renewable energy. Thus, he is naturally well suited to LeaStore.

Jarmo is known as “Ekovaari”, the Ecological grandfather at LeaStore, whose task is to fulfil our customer promises, without forgetting the administration tasks. So, there is certainly no need to feel intimidated if you ever come into contact with our Ekovaari.

Jarmo is also an actual grandfather, and a proud one at that.

Tampere, February 2016
Vuokko & Jarmo